My name is Nicole Burgett and I am the founder of NB Learning Design, LLC!

During the pandemic I enjoyed getting to work and learn from the comfort of my home. I found I was more productive and had a better work-life balance. This realization motivated me to look outside of the classroom, and that’s when I found out about instructional design. I realized that I can have a career where I can combine my love of teaching and my love of technology.

I joined the Applied Instructional Design Academy (AIDA) in January of 2022 to upskill in the Instructional Design space. This program gave me many opportunities to grow my skills and further increased my passion for learning and training. I have experienced many mandatory, boring trainings and that motivates me to create interactive, learner-centered lesson materials so learners can be excited about the content. I founded NB Learning Design, LLC in November of 2022 and have loved the work that I get to do to help create and improve trainings for others!

I enjoy collaborating with the stakeholders and SMEs to help meet and exceed their organizational goals. I assess the needs of the company to determine the best course of action and delivery method to help improve the business's bottom line. I am an asset by designing and developing trainings that engage learners by using best practices and adult learning theory to increase employee productivity and profitability. I love puzzles and strategy games and I bring that mindset when I design trainings to figure out the best ways to piece together and present information so that the learner retains what they have learned during the training. I have a strong attention to detail and take notice of things that others tend to miss or wouldn't necessarily speak up about. I think communication is very important, so I am not afraid to ask questions and clarify to make sure that everyone is on the same page for the design and development of projects. 

I would love to connect with you and hear about any job opportunities!