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Onboarding Video (Portuguese)

This video was created using Synthesia and Camtasia for a contract where I worked with translators to translate video scripts and then created the videos in the software for their onboarding course. (This is one of 12 videos that were created.) 

Note: Parts of the audio and visuals are blurred/muted  for privacy purposes.

Portuguese Discipleship - Portfolio Version.mp4


This Vyond video was created to explain how to use the LOWLINE model 

de-escalation steps in a hospital workplace setting.

The LOWLINE Model.mp4

Adding Captions in Storyline

This is a job aid on how to add captions to your Storyline audio files for accessibility.

Adding Captions to Storyline.pdf

De-escalating Situations

This job aid was created in conjunction with the course Workplace Safety and Security to show the steps for de-escalating a situation.

Technology Company Job Aid.pdf

More microlearnings are in production, stay tuned!