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Workplace Safety and Security

Tool: Articulate Storyline 360

Audience: All on-site employees of Technology Company

Objective: To mitigate the increasing risks of workplace violence, this training will train employees how to recognize signs of an escalating situation, identify steps to de-escalate a situation, determine the best option in an active shooter situation, and describe how to interact with law enforcement.

Special Features: Tabs interactions, accordion interactions, real-life scenarios

Risk Management

Tool: Articulate Rise 360

Audience: All X Apartment Complex Managers

Objective: To ensure managers are aware of all the OSHA compliance details they will complete a two-part training. This training will train managers to identify the hazard standings in the workplace and how to read the hazard information, to describe the types of hazardous energy sources that need locks and tags on them, and to determine the appropriate PPE needed in a situation.

Special Features: Storyline block, flashcard grid, accordion interaction, Canva and PowerPoint design integration, scenario knowledge check

Note: this is just one scene from the project

Interview Strategies that Work

Tool: Articulate Storyline 360

Audience: HR interviewers, hiring managers, and recruiters

Objective: To enhance the interview process to find quality candidates that are a fit for the company, this training will train HR professionals how to interpret the needed skills of an ideal candidate, prepare themselves and other team members for the interview, and demonstrate the importance of scheduling interviews in a timely manner.

Special Features: Learners can choose the order of topics, real-life scenario knowledge checks to begin the topics, accordion interaction, various layer interactions to increase engagement